Barn Owl Lead Roof Dormer

A range of glass reinforced plastic flat top and barrel vault dormers. Fully insulated lead effect top and side cheeks with white fascia, complete with integrated invisible rain channel.

PU Foam is integrated into the sides and roof of the dormer to provide insulation amd has a bonded timber sub frame ready for the fixing of plasterboard.

The dormer is simply fixed to the roof via a drainage flange which is screwed to the rafters then covered with felt and battens.



We currently have tooling which covers a wide range of standard window sizes and roof pitches, however, adjustable tooling is also available to enable us to meet your requirements.

Exallot also manufacture Apex top, Curved top and Hipped top dormer units which can all be supplied.

The Exallot GRP Dormers with a windowed flat roof , offer the builder alternatives to traditional building materials with a product that is quick to install and lightweight which is also virtually maintenance free,  giving the builder whole life cost savings

Exallot’s Lead roof dormers are all made to be used on a 45 degree roof pitch and are sized between 915mm x 1050mm  and  1800mm x 1200mm  ( see shop for sizes ).

Dimensions can be changed under a confirmed arrangement.

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