Tudor Boarding

Exallot GRP Tudor Boarding panels are a  Lightweight, easy to fix and low maintainance  product , which make a great addition to the front or back of any household. These Tudor Boardings improve the look of any household.

The Exallot GRP Tudor Boardings , offer the builder alternatives to traditional building materials with a product that is quick to install and lightweight which is also virtually maintenance free,  giving the builder whole life cost savings.

All of Exallot Ltd’s Tudor Boarding are made by hand to ensure precision and expertise. All of these attributes go into every product so you can be just as happy with the product we will be giving you as we are.

This product would also be under Bespoke as it is not a product made on a daily basis here at Exallot Ltd, so if you wish to enquire about tudor boarding be sure to confirm orders for this purchase with the dimensions needed via the Contact Us page means of contact.

We now have a Google+ and Facebook page  which we display pictures on this product to date at this link : Google+ - Facebook

Page under construction, updates coming soon – Thank you for your patience – 15th April 2014.

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