Exallot Water Products

At Exallot Water we are constantly striving for excellence, our unrivaled product capability coupled with considerable design experience are a key part of our service. Our maintenance service is carried out by consummate professionals who have years of experience in the water industry.

Our use of GRP means our products are highly resistant to corrosion and also have high strength to weight ratios. The flexibility of the material along with our innovative design team means that our products are suited to a wide variety of applications in the water industry.

Our partnership with Tuke and Bell has proved invaluable for developing our products and has helped us learn and evolve to create a truly outstanding range. Our quest for innovation and improvement has led to us having one of the widest ranges of GRP Water products in the industry.

We are proud to say that all our products are made in the UK, right from the design process through to manufacture and installation. All our products have stringent quality measures, and our standards are particularly high for providing environmentally friendly solutions. Our materials are sourced from sustainable suppliers.


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