Launder Channels

Exallot GRP Launder Channels can be installed in place of a conventional concrete or steel launder, providing an easy to install, cost effective alternative. They can be used to decant settled effluent from settlement tanks; they can be fitted with scum boards and weir plates to suit.

Several designs are possible including ‘Z’ shaped launders bolted directly to the walls of steel tanks or traditional ‘U’ shaped supported by steel brackets and double weir launders for higher flow rates.
Exallot Launder Channels incorporate the following features: -

  • Lightweight components reduce installation costs.
  • Designed and constructed to resist both filled and buoyant loads.
  • Flexible design allows a wide range of applications.

Exallot Launder Channels are bespoke designed to suit specific applications and can be incorporated into most tank designs.

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