Fabrex Distributor

The Tuke & Bell Fabrex distributor consists of a static central column with a rotating galvanised steel tank.  Either two or four distributing arms are fitted to the tank and these are supported by vertical wire ropes or solid rods attached to the top bearing head.  The Fabrex machine is intended for very high flow rate and flushing filter beds under pump flow.  Motive rotation force is provided by jet reaction from the arms or by an additional motorised drive.  The distribution arms can either be tubular with brass screw in jets or open trough with V-notch https://medsmagazine.com/generic-cialis-online/ weir outlets.

The Fabrex distributor can be typically offered to suit filter beds ranging from Ø10m up to Ø60m and up to 195l/s flow rate given suitable hydraulic conditions.

  • The Tuke & Bell Fabrex Distributor incorporates the following features: –
  • Very high flow rate machine intended for flushing filter beds.
  • Vertical alignment tuning to ensure precise distribution.
  • Distribution arms designed to give efficient coverage across filter media.
  • Opening end caps to facilitate easy cleaning of distributor arms.

The Fabrex distributor can easily be supplied with a Tuke & Bell motorised distributor drive to control machine rotation speeds.