Constant Velocity Channel Dredger

The T&B Constant Velocity (CV) Dredger employs the uses of a carriage system spanning the channel mounted on steel rails. The carriage carries the pumping system, carriage drive motor, cable reeling system & control panel. The carriage mounted pump system employs the use of a flex hose suction extracting grit from the channel base and delivering it to a static launder channel running alongside the main grit channel. The carriage traverses up and down the channel on the rails scouring the complete length of the channel. The static launder delivers the grit slurry to a screw type classifier at the head of the CV channel where the return liquors are delivered back to the upstream flow.

The Tuke & Bell CV Channel Dredger can be employed on any new or existing CV or aerated grit channel design.

The Tuke & Bell Constant Velocity Dredger incorporates the following features: –

  • Self contained unit – All ancillary components are built onto the carriage to simplify installation.
  • Full size open mesh flooring gives unparalleled save access to all components.
  • Single drive with through axles to prevent carriage crabbing.
  • Simply decoupled axles, bearings & drive facilitating easy removal.
  • Positive displacement ram pump for conveying grit slurry.
  • Replaceable suction hose.
  • Flexible design allows all sizes of CV channel to be accommodated.

Typically the CV Channel Dredger is used in conjunction with a Screw Classifier and together carries out the complete grit extraction process whilst allowing greater flexibility of plant layout.