Vertical Aerators

The Tuke & Bell Vertical Aerator consists of a horizontal rotating aerator plate driven by a vertical torque tube, directly coupled to the drive gearbox.  The gearbox is mounted onto a height adjustable plate which allows for the immersion of the aerator to be set.  The whole aerator assembly can be suspended from a fixed steel or concrete bridge structure, alternatively a floating pontoon can be utilised.

  • The Vertical Aerator can be typically offered in a range from 4kW up to 110kW.
  • The Tuke & Bell Vertical Aerator incorporates the following features: –
  • Hydraulically efficient aerator vane design.
  • Immersion adjustment allows for fine tuning of the process.
  • Heavy duty materials used throughout for long life erosion resistance.
  • Suitable for bridge or floating applications.
  • Low trajectory wave eliminating the requirement for additional fixed or rotating shrouds.
  • Air entrainment ports prevent cavitation and vibration.
  • Intensive mixing and circulation of the tank contents are achieved by the pumping action of the aerator.
  • Gearbox and bearings rated to 100,000 hour life span.T&B Vertical aerator-operational.