Blake Distributor

The Tuke & Bell Blake distributor consists of a static central base.  The rotating cast iron body and galvanised steel tank contains an automatic syphon dosing system which provides sufficient flow for the machine to rotate under jet reaction from the spray nozzles. Two arms are fitted to the body and these are supported by vertical solid rods attached to the top of the tank. The distribution arms are tubular with a series of nozzles and spray plates fitted for efficient distribution of the effluent. The feed pipe enters the Blake from above the media.

The Blake distributor can be typically offered to suit filter beds ranging from Ø3m up to Ø10m and up to 1.9l/s flow rate given suitable hydraulic conditions.  Larger sizes are possible with careful consideration of the machine design.

The Tuke & Bell Blake distributor incorporates the following features: –

  • Trickle flow rate machine intended for low flows with over-fed connection.
  • Vertical alignment tuning to ensure precise distribution.
  • Self dosing syphon controls flow and rotation automatically.
  • Distribution arms designed to give efficient coverage across filter media.
  • Opening end caps to facilitate easy cleaning of distributor arms.

The Blake distributor is not suitable for motorisation and is best suited for small rural schemes where flow is intermittent.