Tipper Distributor

The Tuke & Bell Tipper distributor consists of a rectangular tank which sits above the filter media, inside the tank is a pivoting hopper.  Flow feeding into the hopper from above causes it to tip over centre, depositing it into the rectangular tank.  The effluent is then drained by gravity down a series of distribution channels equispaced along the long side of the rectangular tank.

The single acting machine is suitable for smaller beds ranging from 2135mm x 765mm to 3050 x 1830mm.  It has distribution troughs on one side only and a counterbalanced single compartment hopper.

The double acting machine is suitable for larger beds ranging from 2820mm x 1220mm to 7390mm x 3050mm.  It has distribution troughs on both sides and a double compartment hopper.

The Tuke & Bell Blake distributor incorporates the following features: –

  • Trickle flow rate machine intended for low flows with over-fed connection.
  • Maintenance free bearings.
  • Distribution arms designed to give efficient coverage across filter media.

The Tipper distributor is best suited for small rural schemes where flow is intermittent.