Rotating Bridge Scrapers

The Tuke & Bell Rotating Bridge Scraper consists of an access bridge with an open-mesh walkway, mounted onto a central rotating bearing.  The bridge supports an arrangement of helical scraper blades or alternatively a trailing scraper chain that conveys settled sludge to a central hopper for removal.  Rotational drive is provided by a gearbox mounted on a peripheral end carriage.

Tuke & Bell can offer three common rotating bridge scrapers: –

  • A half bridge scraper terminates at the centre of the tank.
  • A three quarter bridge scraper extends half again beyond the centre point of the tank diameter.
  • A full bridge scraper spans the entire diameter of the tank with an end carriage at each end.

The bridge can be fitted with ancillary equipment such as automatic scum removal systems, side-wall scrapers, channel and weir-cleaning brushes in order to make the machine suitable for use in primary or secondary settling tanks.  Additional equipment such as stilling rings, EDI drums, Mc Kinney Baffles and Stamford Baffles can be accommodated.

The Tuke & Bell Rotating Bridge Scraper incorporates the following features: –

  • Robust structure designed to resist imparted sludge loads.
  • Heavy duty slewing ring and axle bearings carries entire bridge load – zero additional load on gearbox bearings.
  • All bearings and drives rated for 100,000 hour design life.
  • Direct mounted gearbox removes maintenance intensive chain drives.
  • Simply decoupled axles, bearings & drive facilitating easy removal.
  • Lubrication points for slewing ring easily accessible from walkway.
  • Scraper blades feature replaceable wear tips that can be inverted for addition life.

Tuke & Bell can also supply weir plates, scum boards and launder channels to suit all circular tanks.

Specialised designs can also be produced to client specification; past examples of these include sludge airlift scrapers, lifting scraper blades and removable cartridge scrapers.

T&B Half bridge Scraper - Cartridge frame extractable scrapers