Grit Extraction

Tuke and Bell offer several designs for grit extraction in the treatment of sewage: –

Crossflow Grit Detritor – A square tank with laminar flow.

Vortex Grit Trap – A circular, tangential entry chamber with cyclonic flow.

Constant Velocity Grit Channel Dredger – A longitudinal chamber with laminar flow.

Each form of grit extraction has an associated classifier system and, if required, grit pumping systems.

The Process

The first stage of sewage purification consists of initial screening which removes large solids and floating objects.

The second stage consists of removing coarser grit and silt particles which could interfere with machinery and pumps used in subsequent treatment processes and thus reduce the efficiency of the whole treatment operation.

Refurbishment and Replacement of Existing Equipment

Tuke & Bell can refurbish and/or replace any other grit removal equipment manufacturer’s equipment into their respective existing concrete chamber.