Crossflow Grit Detritor

Influent first enters the collection tank through baffles to slow down the flow and assist grit settlement. The tank is capable of handling a wide range of flow variation.

A rotary scraping mechanism, driven from the centre of the tank, moves settled grit through a discharge point located at the side of the collection tank.

From here the grit is discharged to a grit classifier system by means of gravity or by pumping.

The Tuke & Bell Crossflow Grit Detritor incorporates the following features: –

  • Robust structure designed to resist imparted grit loads.
  • Heavy duty slewing ring carries entire scraper load – zero additional load on gearbox bearings.
  • All bearings and drives rated for 100,000 hour design life.
  • Direct coupled drive removing maintenance intensive gear drives.
  • Simply decoupled drive facilitating easy drive removal.
  • Lubrication points for slewing ring easily accessible from walkway.
  • Various scraper configurations available – No. of arms and No. of scrapes per revolution are possible design variables.
  • Scraper blades feature replaceable wear tips that can be inverted for addition life.
  • Scraper blade wear tips are height adjustable to account for tank irregularities.

Tuke & Bell -Typical Detritor Bridge-Drivehead Refurbishment