Screw Classifier

The Tuke and Bell range of Screw Classifiers are a complete, free-standing unit, ideal for effective separation of grit from organic and other matter. A weir allows the separated organics to return, whilst grit is conveyed via the screw to a discharge point for disposal.

A wash water pipe connection and spray-bar are included within the classifier body for cleaning of the grit.

The Tuke & Bell Screw Classifier incorporates the following features: –

  • Freestanding tank construction simplifies location.
  • Universal tank handing simplifies pipe work connection.
  • Fully enclosed screw with lockable, removable inspection covers.
  • Wash water spray bar for grit polishing.
  • Designed to accept multiple feeds.
  • Can be fitted with Hydrocyclones for handling high pumped feed flows.

Typically the Screw Classifier is used in conjunction with a Vortex Grit Trap and together carries out the complete grit extraction process whilst allowing greater flexibility of plant layout.

Mild Steel Screw Classifier with Twin Cyclones Maer Lane SWW Classifier with -Flow-through Vortex