Vortex Grit Trap

The Tuke and Bell Vortex Grit Trap works on the retention, constant velocity and forced vortex principles.

A specially designed Paddle rotates in the same direction as the sewage providing a constant velocity of flow. A spiralling flow is created by the paddles to keep organic material in suspension and also creates a vortex in the lower half of the chamber to draw grit particles down to the centre hopper ready for collection.

In order to clean and remove the grit, compressed air is passed through pipe https://handsfreehealth.com/hfhealth/buy-viagra-online/ work located within the centre of the tank. After cleaning, the grit is pumped by the air lift method and is discharged into a grit classifier system.

  • The Tuke & Bell Vortex Grit Trap incorporates the following features: –
  • Heavy duty slewing ring carries vortex drive tube and paddles.
  • All bearings and drives rated for 100,000 hour design life.
  • Gear driven slewing ring running in deep oil lubrication bath.
  • Simply decoupled drive facilitating easy drive removal.
  • Cast iron construction.
  • 25 year design life.

T&B -Flow through Vortex Grit Trap - Eaglesham STW T&B Vortex Grit Tap with Ram Pump - Stonehouse STW-1