Ground Water Relief Valve

Tuke and Bell offer a range of ground water relief valves for installation into tanks to ensure safety against external hydraulic pressures caused by a high water table.

If a subterranean tank is deeper than the existing water table then issues with tank flotation and instability can lead to failure.  Tuke & Bell Ground Water Relief Valves can be installed to allow ground water to pass through into the tank.

The Tuke & Bell Ground Water Relief Valve consists of a cast iron frame that can be grouted into the base of a new tank or retro-fitted into an existing structure.  The valve consists of a proprietary one-way rubber lip valve that prevents the tank contents from contaminating the surrounding area whilst relieving pressure exerted by ground water.

The Ground Water Relief Valve is offered in two sizes, passing a flow rate of up to 8.0 l/s per valve with a maximum head of 3.0m above the valve possible.

  • The Tuke & Bell Ground Water Relief Valve incorporates the following features: –
  • Simple, robust construction ensures long life span.
  • Easily replaceable valve element.
  • Easily installed into new tanks.
  • Flush fitting allows use within scraper tanks.
  • Liquid tight closure.
  • No moving parts.