Temporary RoBeC

Tuke & Bell can offer the hire of a Temporary RoBeC to allow the bypassing of existing treatment plant during refurbishment or replacement works; this allows essential work to be carried out where sustaining the effluent quality is of paramount importance.

The Tuke & Bell Temporary RoBeC consists of a freestanding G.R.P. tank which houses a contactor rotor; this forms the Biozone in a conventional RoBeC unit.  The unit is delivered to site, connected to the incoming settled sewage flow and treats the effluent ready for discharge to final settlement.

The Temporary RoBeC is available in a number of sizes depending on site requirements and can be used to bypass any in-place biological process, be it a stone media filter bed, aeration lane or another RBC.

The Tuke & Bell Temporary RoBeC incorporates the following features: –

  • Free standing mobile sewage treatment plant.
  • Very low running costs and maintenance requirements.
  • Small unit footprint allows for ease of location on site.