Sewage Ejectors

Tuke and Bell offer a range of sewage ejectors. The range is manufactured to standard designs but can be specially adapted to suit individual requirements.

The Process

Where gravity discharge to mains sewer is not possible then ejectors can be used to convey the crude sewage.  Crude sewage gravitates into a cast iron ejector body until full, at which point compressed air is allowed to enter the body and force the contents up to the mains sewer system.  Heavy duty non-return valves are used to direct the flow of sewage.  Air supply is normally supplied by a compressor set and air receiver, alternative existing building services can be utilised.

Tuke & Bell ejectors are typically installed in below ground buildings/basements where intermittent flow is expected.  The system is sealed with no open chambers in order to eliminate odours.

Refurbishment and Replacement of Existing Equipment

Tuke & Bell can refurbish and/or replace any sewage ejector equipment from other manufacturers.