Directomatic Ejector

Where existing building services consists of compressed air, it is possible to eliminate the compressor set and air receiver entirely, thus greatly reducing installation costs.  The process is the same as with the Electromatic Ejector but with modified controls.

The operation of the Electromatic and Directomatic Ejector is controlled by a combination of electrode probes and pneumatic systems, eliminating all moving control components in contact with the sewage.  The ejector controls are all housed within a wall mounted control panel for convenience.

The Tuke & Bell Electromatic & Directomatic Ejectors can pump from 0.75 l/s to 9 l/s, with a maximum pumping head of 30m, offered in a range of sizes from 100mm and 150mm.  The ejector system needs to be gravity fed.

The Tuke & Bell Electromatic & Directomatic Ejector incorporates the following features: –

  • Low maintenance, reliable sewage pumping.
  • Zero moving controls in contact with sewage.
  • Float gland eliminated reduces leakage risk.
  • Heavy duty Tuke & Bell non-return valves ensure long life in operation.
  • Ejector cycle controlled electrically and pneumatically.
  • Compressor station can be local or remote for the Electromatic Ejector
  • Direct air connection for the Directomatic Ejector.

The Electromatic & Directomatic Ejector is fully supported by Tuke & Bell with a full range of spare parts available; additionally our Electrode Control System can be easily retrofitted to all sewage ejectors from all manufacturers.