Electromatic Ejector

The Tuke & Bell Electromatic Ejector is an air powered sewage pump, suitable for efficiently pumping crude sewage to a rising main.

Ejector Compressor SetThe ejector body is constructed from cast iron for exceptionally long life; all connecting pipe work is in ductile iron.  Tuke & Bell proprietary heavy duty non-return valves are utilised to accommodate the forces and stress associated with use in the ejector system.  The ejector bodies can be configured as single or duty/standby with single or tandem compressor sets per body.  The compressor set consists of a piston compressor and drive motor mounted onto a bedplate.  Tuke & Bell use exclusively use heavy duty cast iron, poppet valve piston compressors for ejectors to provide dependable long service life.  The air receiver is of steel construction and fully pressure tested and certified.  The compressor and air receiver can be located next to the bodies or in an adjacent room.  All interconnecting air pipe work is in galvanised steel.