Unit Lift & Force Ejector

The Tuke & Bell Unit Lift & Force ejector is a compact sewage ejector that has the capacity to lift crude sewage from a collection chamber and pump up to a mains sewer.

The ejector body is constructed from cast iron for exceptionally long life; it is comprised of dual compartments, one for receiving sewage and one to act as an air receiver. Tuke & Bell proprietary heavy duty non-return valves are utilised to accommodate the forces and stress associated with use in the ejector system.  The compressor is mounted directly on top of the ejector body to provide a compact unit with minimal footprint; either a single or duty/standby compressor configuration is available.  Tuke & Bell use exclusively use heavy duty cast iron, poppet valve piston compressors for ejectors to provide dependable long service life.  All interconnecting air pipe work is in galvanised steel.

In use, electrode probes detect a high level in the collection chamber and triggers the ejector cycle.  The compressor evacuates the sewage compartment https://handsfreehealth.com/hfhealth/buy-levitra-online/ which in turn lifts the sewage from the chamber; the exhausted air is compressed into the air receiver compartment.  When full, the compressed air generated during the evacuation is released back into the sewage compartment thus pumping it up the delivery to the mains sewer.

The Tuke & Bell Unit Lift & Force Ejector can pump from 0.75 l/s to 2.2 l/s, with a maximum pumping head of 30m, offered in 100mm only.  The ejector system is suited to suction lift from a collection chamber.

The Tuke & Bell Lift & Force Ejector incorporates the following features: –

  • Low maintenance, reliable sewage pumping.
  • Capacity for suction lift in addition to delivery pumping alleviates the requirement to have a gravity feed to the ejector.
  • Heavy duty Tuke & Bell non-return valves ensure long life in operation.
  • Ejector cycle controlled electrically and pneumatically.
  • Compact combined unit has small installation footprint.

The Lift & Force Ejector is fully supported by Tuke & Bell with a full range of spare parts available.

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