Barrington Pump

The Tuke & Bell Barrington pump is a self priming centrifugal sewage pump, suitable for efficiently pumping crude sewage to a rising main.

The pump body and centrifugal impellor are constructed from cast iron and are designed to efficiently pump any liquid or solids that will pass through the suction pipe.  The pump shaft is sealed by means of a self adjusting mechanical seal, this consists of a carbon sealing ring running on a hard bronze counterface – this design is proven to give long leak-free life.  The pump employs a special two chamber priming vessel that automatically primes the unit before use.

The Tuke & Bell AutoFreway can pump from 4 l/s to 72 l/s, with a maximum pumping head of 33m, offered in a range of sizes from 80 – 150mm.  The pump can be installed in a gravity feed but is best suited to suction lift configuration.

The Tuke & Bell Barrington pump incorporates the following features: –

  • Centrifugal pump passes organic solids.
  • Self priming pump design automates operation.
  • Easily maintained pump with minimal moving parts.
  • Self adjusting mechanical seal ensures leak free operation.

The Barrington pump is fully supported by Tuke & Bell with a full range of spare parts available.