Rolls Rotary Pump

The Tuke & Bell Rolls Rotary pump is a glandless positive displacement pump, suitable for pumping low flow rates from isolated buildings to a mains sewer or a sewage treatment plant should a gravity sewer not be available.

Designed by Tuke & Bell in the 1950’s, thousands have been supplied across the globe, many of which are still in operation now.

The pump body is a constructed from cast iron, a neoprene rubber rotor eccentric provides the positive pumping action.  The pump is belt driven by an electric motor and the whole assembly is mounted onto a single bedplate for ease of installation.  In operation the pump is extremely quiet and requires minimal maintenance and no lubrication.

The Tuke & Bell Rolls Rotary can pump up to 1.31 l/s de-rateable to 0.55 l/s, with a maximum pumping head of 10.5m and maximum suction lift of 4.5m and is available in single or duty/standby configurations.

The Tuke & Bell Rolls Rotary pump incorporates the following features: –

  • Positive displacement pump passes organic solids.
  • Self priming pump design automates operation.
  • Easily maintained pump with minimal moving parts.
  • Self contained package mounted onto a single bedplate.

The Rolls Rotary pump is fully supported by Tuke & Bell with a full range of spare parts available.