Sewage Pumps

Tuke and Bell offer a range of pumps intended for sewage, sludge and dirty water. The range is manufactured to standard designs but can be specially adapted to suit individual requirements.

The Process

Where gravity discharge to mains sewer is not possible then pumps can be used to convey the crude sewage.  Typically the crude sewage will be collected in a single chamber and pumped to the main sewer on regular intervals.

Tuke & Bell pumps are all above ground solutions, simplifying maintenance and have a lifespan measured in decades compared to years and even months for some submersible pumps.

Refurbishment and Replacement of Existing Equipment

Tuke & Bell can refurbish and/or replace any other biological filter equipment manufacturer’s equipment into their respective existing tank.

Sewage Pumps


Tuke and Bell Gravity Ejector Pump


Tuke and Bell Lift and Force Ejector Pump


Tuke and Bell Lift and Force Ejector Pump


Tuke and Bell Rolls Rotary Pump